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Swasthya Sandeep April 2015

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    City of Gods

    Allahabad (Hindi: इलाहाबाद; Urdu: الہ آباد‎;also known as Prayag Hindi: प्रयाग), is a metropolitan city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the administrative headquarters of the Allahabad District. As of 2011, Allahabad is the seventh most populous city in the state and the thirty-sixth most populous city in India, with an estimated population of 5.11 million living in the city and 1.21 million in its metropolitan region.In 2011, it was ranked the world's 130th fastest growing city

    Must Buy

    • Guavas are best bought in winter
    • The red-spotted guavas available in plenty(and at unbelievably cheap prices.
    • Mangoes in summer.
    • Namkeens at Loknath, Chowk
    • Rasgulle, Actually a type of gulaab jamun
    • Water from Ganga. Small brass pots of water from the Ganga sealed with wax are to be found just about everywhere near Sangam. These make lovely souvenir


    The city was known earlier as Prayaga – a name that is still commonly used. Prayāga existed during the Vedic period, and is mentioned in the Veda as the location where Brahma, the Creator of the Universe according to Hindu Religion, attended a sacrificial ritua....

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    Allahabad stands at a strategic point both geographically and culturally.A part of the Ganga-Yamuna Doab, it is the last point of the Yamuna river, and culturally, the last point of the Indian west.As with the rest of Doab, the soil and water are predominantly alluvial in origin.The Indian GMT longitude (25.15°N 82.58°E) also passes near Allahabad..

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    Allahabad is known for its literary and artistic heritage; as the former capital of United Provinces it was the birthplace of holy scriptures – the Vedas and the grand epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata– and in the Puranas as Prayag.Allahabad has been called the "literary capital of Uttar Pradesh". Allahabad's antiquity attracted curious itinerants from East Asia.....

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    Though the city is known for its religious tourism, but echelon into three categories viz. Historic, Cultural and Religious. History flank includes Alfred Park, Victoria Memorial, Thornhill Mayne Memorial, Minto Park, Allahabad Fort, Ashoka Pillar and Khusro Bagh; whereas religious attraction comprehend Kumbh Mela, Triveni Sangam and All Saints Cathedral. Besides these cultural segment has Allahabad Museum, Jawahar Planetarium and the University of Allahabad. Allahabad host the largest religious gathering in the world known as Maha Kumbh Mela which is celebrated every twelve years and Ardh (half) Kumbh Mela is celebrated every six years...

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